How to Show Before and After Photo in WordPress

Are you looking for a way to show before and after pictures on your website? Well keep reading. In this articleI’ll walk you through how you can show before and after pictures in WordPress. Normally this can be done in photo editing software like Photoshop, but here’s an easy way to do it all on your website.

The first thing we want to do is let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard. I’m going to head over to the Plugins area click Add New

and in the search area you want to search for a plug-in called ‘Twenty20 Image Before After’. This is the one we’re looking for, so let’s go ahead and click Install now.

Once it’s installed you’ll also want to make sure that you activate the plugin.

Once it’s activated you can create your post like you normally do.

You can also edit a post if you want. So we’ll go ahead and go into edit this post

and you see up here there’s a new button that you can use to add the Twenty20 images.

Scroll down to where you want to add it.

I’m going to start a new line here then I’m going to click on the add Twenty20 button.

You pick the two images that you want, make sure you add the title

and the alt and then click insert.

From here you can fill out all of this information. We’ll do before and after. Once you fill all of this out you can click insert shortcode

and then you’ll see the shortcode here

and now we can update the post

and then once we update it we can see it in action.

So now scrolling down we have this great area where you can see the before and after picture and what it looks like and that’s a real quick easy way to add before and after pictures on your WordPress website.

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