How to Show or Hide Widgets on Specific WordPress Pages

In this article you’ll learn how you can show or hide widgets on specific WordPress pages. If you’re ready let’s get started to do this easily. We’re going to install a plugin. So let’s go ahead and head over to our plugins area.  We’ll click add new

and we’re looking for a plug-in called widget context. This is the one we want. So let’s go ahead and install now

and once it’s installed go ahead and activate it.

As well great once it’s activated we can go and work on our widgets. So we can go to appearance widgets

and then we’ll see it in action.  Now we can look at any of our widget and choose how and when to show it.

So if I extend the recent posts here you see by default it shows five and under here we have a new area called widget context and we can decide when and where to show this.  So you can show it everywhere only on selected

and then from here you choose what’s selected that posts pages content types that you want to show it on.

You can also choose to show or hide when there’s a word a specific word count or by a specific URL.

Same thing you can also choose to hide widgets specifically if they’re on a particular blog post or a page.

That you don’t want this showing on and so you can get really granular with the showing or hiding of your widgets on your WordPress website so that’s a real quick and easy way to show or hide widgets on specific WordPress pages.

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