How to Undo Changes in WordPress using Post Revisions

Don’t you hate it when writing articles you delete something and later come back and wish had and you had not deleted well that’s exactly when post revisions comes in. So let’s go ahead and see how to actually undo changes the you know in WordPress post. So I’ve gone ahead in posts.

I’m gonna click edit on one of my post.

And right here in the publish widget here you can see that I have revision. This is a built-in WordPress functionality what I’m gonna go ahead and click the Browse button to see all the revisions that I have.

And you can see a side by side comparison what’s going on for example if you’re here you can see all the changes I’ve made and how the left version is different from the right version.


I can say go ahead and restore this version and it will go and restore that.

So thats exactly how you you know restore WordPress post and undo changes this is called post revisions.

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