What is the Difference Between Posts vs Pages in WordPress

Posts are mainly used for blog entries where they’re content entries listed in reverse chronological order and are published with timestamp. They are also syndicated through RSS feeds.

Posts encourage conversations and have a commenting feature at the bottom of them.

Conversely pages are meant to be more for static web pages and many traditional sites will use these for their web pages. These are usually great for the about us, legal, disclaimers, and other things. They aren’t time/date stamped and have no chronology. By default they are not included in any RSS feeds and aren’t meant to be social. Pages can be hierarchical, in other words, you can have an about us and then a sub page of meet the team, or meet the managers, etc.

You can have as many posts or pages as you want for your site and there are no limitations to this. I hope you liked this article and found it helpful.

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