Why You Should Always Use the Latest Version of WordPress

If you’ve been working on your site for a while and finally have it the way you want it to look, then you might be worried about updating the site and worried that it will break. This might cause you to not want to update the site. But let’s cover some reasons why you should always do this.

The first one is Security and it’s the most important reason. Since WordPress powers over 23% of the world’s websites, it’s a big bullseye for hackers so keeping it updated will keep your site more secure.

The second reason is the cool new Features. Each release usually comes with great updates that they’ve made to the site. For instance with 4.0 came the improved plugin installation, and 4.2 came with faster plugin updates.

Third reason is Speed. WordPress developers they’re always looking to make WordPress better and work to improve performances as well. Say with the 4.2 update they improved the JavaScript performance for navigation menus to speed things up.

The next reason are Bug fixes. Bug fixes are always a part of software updates so updating your sites to the latest will fix any bugs that might be in the software.

Compatibility is also a reason to update your site. Since plugins are created by third party developers, you want to back up your site before updating in case the plugins are no longer compatible with WordPress.

To make sure you are up to date, you can go to your Dashboard -> Updates area and make sure you’re running the latest WordPress.

You can also install and activate the WP Updates Notifier plugin.

Then go to Settings -> Updates Notifier to configure the plugin.

This will send you emails when your site needs to be updated.

From here you can add your email to get updates and if you want to just auto update your site. Install and activate the easy updates manager plugin.

And choose what all to update automatically.

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